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Australian Gold

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Australian Gold

Australian Gold founder Trevor Gray was born and raised in a small town in Indiana, America. However, because of his mother's Australian roots, he also felt a strong connection to the country. Returning to Australia to visit his family, he has always had a passion for the country's stunning landscape, vibrant culture and a passion for all things sun and surf.

Hence, in 1985, the birth of this brand, which is now a well-known and appreciated brand worldwide, emulating the Australian culture he adored so much. Through his work and Australian Gold products, Trevor strives to convey the colourful Australian way of life through the creation and presentation of beautiful scents, natural ingredients and products that are hard to match. Every time you open one of the SPF bottles, scented Cocoa Beach, Florida or Cocoa Dreams, memories of good times, sunshine and holidays are instantly brought back. These evocative scents also dominate some self-tanning lotions to accompany your 12-minute holiday.
Given the brand's history and roots, Australian Gold's manufacturers ensure that every product is formulated to contain the local Australian ingredients that the company's founder was so passionate about. These natural ingredients are used to create unique sunscreens and suntan lotions. The formula of each product is carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients, with a particular focus on skin care. Through continuous development, innovation and formulation, Australian Gold strives to ensure that customers feel confident in the products' ability to protect and care for their skin and thus achieve the best possible results.

A variety of products

Australian Gold, the leader in age-defying sunscreen cosmetics, has more than 30 years of experience and has been pleasing people in many parts of the world.
With years of experience and patented technologies, you can enjoy a wide range of certified products. All sunscreens have SPF protection, which is essential for all skin types. These products do not contain any animal products and are therefore suitable for vegans. In addition, it is not tested on animals and promotes the idea of a sustainable environment. On this basis, all products are sold in recycled packaging and containers.
Australian Gold products are made with time-tested, quality formulas that provide moisturising, nourishing, regenerating and anti-ageing properties. So you'll not only get sun protection and an even tan, but you'll also be looking after the beauty of your skin.


Australian Gold products include everything you could possibly need for a carefree holiday. Cosmetics for the perfect tan and sunscreen will help you take care of that. This can consist of sunscreens with different SPF strengths, but SPF 50 is still the most popular. If you visit a tanning salon, you may have noticed on more than one occasion that Australian Gold tanning lotion is on the first shelf, guaranteeing an even, longer-lasting tan. The creamy texture is easy to spread and apply all over the body. They also absorb quickly without leaving a sticky feeling.
It is important to remember to take care of skin exposed to sunlight. A soothing, emollient and intensely moisturizing skin cream that is also perfect for everyday use will do the trick.


Perhaps the most popular product in this category, which is accompanied by nothing but positive reviews, is the tanning oil Intensifier, which gives the skin a bronze shade. It is enriched with banana extract, which nourishes and darkens the colour, and vitamin E and aloe vera, which prevent the skin from drying out. This tanning product does not contain UV filters, so don't forget to take extra care of that.


You can find sprays for any purpose. They are a customer favourite because of their easy dosing and transportation. In this category, you can also find spray-on cooling gel after a burn. It contains mint oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, lime and lard extracts to soften, revitalize and soothe the skin. It can also be used daily.

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