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Dry, loose and mineral powders. A guide for beginners

Decorative cosmetics are part of every woman's daily routine, and powder is an essential companion to morning rituals. When chosen correctly a powder that matches your skin type can not only conceal imperfections, but also give your face the glow and vitality you want.

For newcomers who are just entering the world of decorative cosmetics, choosing a powder can seem like a confusing and tedious process, but you only need to know a few essential things and everything will fall into place. We will try to tell you about the main types of powder, the subtleties of its use and compatibility with your skin type.

How to use the powder?

The powder application technique basically depends on its type. If you are using a liquid, creamy powder, you should first apply a foundation to your clean, cleansed and composed face to cover any unevenness before gently applying the liquid powder. There is no need to use any tools for application - you can apply the product with your fingers, using gentle, patting movements.


How to use dry, loose powder? Before applying this type of powder, it is important to moisturize the skin very well. Dry, loose powder promotes drying of the skin, so proper preparation is essential. Once moisturised, all you need to do is apply the powder with a thick brush, using light strokes and you'll have a clear, smooth complexion.


What is powder for? What is the difference between its types?

The main functions of powder are to cover up uneven skin, pigment spots, acne, fine lines and other imperfections that you want to hide. It can also act as a protection against the cold in winter and against UV rays in summer (if the product is made with an SPF filter).

The choice of powder is based on a few key aspects: skin type, shade (which also depends on the season) and the goals you want the product to fulfil. Skin type is perhaps the most important of these. Since powder can be used for oily and dry skin, it is important to find out what type of skin you have before you buy it. Equally important are your needs - whether you are looking for a protective function, to mask imperfections or to give your face a natural glow. All these questions will help you find the powder that's right for you.


Cream powder

Cream powder is the perfect product for effectively concealing fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin or acne. It goes on smoothly and easily and does not require any special tools for application. As this type of powder has a texture similar to a face cream, it is often produced with an additional UV protection - SPF - to act as a sun cream.

Mineral powder

This is an excellent alternative to cream powder for those looking for a loose product that does not dry out or irritate the skin, but fulfils its purpose - masking skin irregularities, spots, fine lines and pimples. When choosing a mineral powder, it is extremely important to pay attention to its composition and to look for the product with the most minerals - they will guarantee the quality of the product.

Dry powder / loose powder

The main function and purpose of this type of powder is to set the make-up. Any make-up expert would confirm that one of the most important make-up rules is to fix wet products (mascara, lipstick, cream powder, etc.) with dry products. Loose powder is ideal for this purpose, as it not only fixes and sets the make-up, but also gives the skin a matt finish.

Compact powder

This type of powder gives a matt finish to the skin and can be used in all seasons - winter and summer. Compact powder is the preferred choice for oily skin types, as it reduces shine, smoothes out unevenness and, when applied to clean, dry skin, blends perfectly with the natural complexion.