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Novexpert is a cosmetic skincare brand. Basically, cosmetics change the appearance of the skin, while cosmeceuticals change its function. Novexpert was founded by a team of four French doctors who are recognized as experts and researchers in the field of skincare products, specialising in skin ageing. They argue that the key to effective anti-ageing products lies in an approach that takes care of every element, starting with the genes. Research excellence is considered to be the DNA of these cosmetics. The products are 100% naturally derived, biodegradable and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those with extremely sensitive skin, pregnant and lactating women. Novexpert is focused on consumers looking for a healthier approach to skincare. By producing only natural products, the manufacturers do not hide the ingredients, so you can find all the ingredients listed with their function clearly indicated next to each product.

Novexpert Cosmetics

Novexpert Cosmetics presents a patented invention - novaxyline, a highly active ingredient that stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid to awaken youthful genes. This unique ingredient was inspired by the people of Okinawa, who have consistently reached 100 years of age thanks to a diet rich in sea vegetables and algae. Novexpert doctors found that the active part of the algae - now known as novaxyline - has anti-inflammatory properties, works against free radicals, effectively repairs cells and protects them from progressive DNA damage, resulting in more youthful and refreshed skin.

Novaxyline is a key ingredient in every product and the key to effective results. Skin needs to be constantly moisturized and nourished to stay healthy and timeless, which is possible with Novexpert. The ultra-high concentration of the products gives the skin an incredible appearance. A serum, properly chosen and included in the routine, is a great start towards healthy skin. KlipShop has also added Booster Vitamin C Serum, which has been a worldwide success, to revitalise skin that has lost its radiance, especially as a result of harmful habits, air pollution and photo-ageing.

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Novexpert received a record number of awards in a short period of time - 11 in 3 years. It justifies the products that have consistently received recognition. This revolutionary brand has raised the bar to a high level, which is pleasing to buyers who are looking for the desired effect.

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