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Nail Polish

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Nail polish - one product for all needs

Nail polish is a styling product that has been tried and tested not only by all women but also by their daughters. Little girls are eager to try all the nail polishes on their nails, teenage girls are experimenting with extravagant colours to match their look, and mature women are sticking to the classics and opting for long-lasting gel polish. Is nail polish for everyone? We think it is!

Coloured nail polish - perfect style detail

Some dye their hair to create a unique look for the occasion, others look for unique clothes, and few remember that nails play an equally important role and paint them in bright, eye-catching colours. Indeed, nail polish is a perfect product to subtly complement the look you're trying to create - just remember it! After all, the hands are one of the first things everyone notices, so make the most of the occasion. Let your imagination run wild and match your nail polish to the colour of your clothes or hair or create a completely contrasting combination.

How to choose the best nail polish?

When looking for the right nail polish for you, first answer the question of what you expect from it. Are you looking for a long-lasting solution that frees you from the daily worries about the appearance and colour of your nails, or a nail care solution that strengthens and fortifies your nails, or maybe just a nail aesthetics product? The answer to this question will point you in the right direction and help you choose the nail polish that suits you individually.

Long-Lasting Nail Polish

It is probably the most popular choice for women and girls at the moment. Long-lasting nail polish is a reliable and charmingly subtle solution for busy ladies with active lifestyles who can't afford to spend time on their nails every day. Gel nail polish, whatever its colour, will apply evenly, and whether it's white, coloured, black or matte nail polish, they will all look perfect on any hand. Last but not least, long-lasting nail polish is easier to remove than you might expect. For example, it takes no more than 10 minutes to remove Kinetics gel nail polish. 

Natural Nail Polish

Natural nail polish should please those looking for more natural alternatives to decorative cosmetics. This product is made without the use of toxic chemicals and is completely safe for your nails. Natural nail varnish does not damage the nail plate, does not dry it out, and colour pigments, unlike ordinary varnishes, do not absorb into the nail and do not leave traces.

Healing Nail Polish

Healing nail polish is usually strengthening and acts as protection and therapy for your nails. If you've had to deal with weak, brittle and sensitive nails, you probably know how uncomfortable this feeling is. A strengthening nail polish makes your nails more durable, prevents them from flaking and splitting, and prevents breakage. It is a highly effective product to help you regain healthy and strong nails.

Nail polish for children and adults

Yes, you read that right. There is also a nail polish for children. However, it is slightly different from what adults normally use. Children's nail polish is water-based and does not contain substances such as sulphates, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and added fragrances.

This type of nail varnish is easy to apply and wash off. Warm water and soap is sufficient enough and you won't need to use any chemical nail polish removers.

Furthermore, children are often prescribed anti-biting nail polish. This is to discourage the very common problem of nail and cuticle biting. This nail polish has a bitter aftertaste, which makes contact with the mouth unpleasant and eventually eliminates the nail biting habit.