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Home Scents - an interior detail and a guarantee of a cosy home 

A cosy home is not just about carefully chosen furniture, big windows and paintings on the walls. It's also the small, seemingly unnoticeable things that make a home cosy, like the small details of the interior or the pleasant aroma that greets you as soon as you walk through the front door. It is this cosiness that drives people to search for the scent that best suits their home space - what home scents are capturing the hearts of the people today?

Different types of home fragrances

Since many people can't imagine their home without one or another aroma that can be felt in different areas of the house, home fragrance creators are finding new ways to present this aroma. The most popular types of home fragrances include stick scents, spray scents, and natural scents such as candles or essential oils.

Home fragrance sticks - diffusers

According to the feedback, it is by far the most popular choice. Not only do home fragrances with sticks give off a particularly pleasant aroma, but they also look elegant and, most importantly, they are low maintenance. Stylish home fragrance bottles have become a sought-after interior accent today, with fragrance designers focusing not only on the scent itself, but also on its capacity, so when you stop by to pick out a scent that suits your home, you'll find a range of beautiful, subtle and bold bottles in different sizes and shapes. Just choose the one that catches your eye the most!

Room Sprays

Although spray on home fragrances for a long time have been associated only with cheap air fresheners and aerosols, this is a thing of the past. Today, you can buy home fragrance in a spray bottle, which is as luxurious and fragrant as a diffuser scent or a candle. Room spray scents are attractive because of their ease of use - they can be used exactly when needed, in the room where you want. And the choice of scents is the most diverse - it can smell like hand creams well known to women, like the freshness of pine trees, like an apple pie baked in the oven, etc.

Natural home fragrances

As the world rapidly moves towards nature and ecology, natural fragrances for the home, such as soy wax candles or essential oils, are becoming increasingly popular. The latter also have therapeutic and calming effects, so you can choose an oil to suit your current problem - for example, to relieve headaches, reduce stress or help you sleep more restfully. Essential oils can be used with a diffuser, a device that will slowly diffuse the fragrant aroma in a light vapour over the desired room.