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Lip Gloss

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Lip glosses - how to create plump, glowing lips?

A well-chosen gloss leaves your lips glowing, soft and plump. Lips start to shimmer, attracting the attention of those around you, while the flawless plumpness invites you to touch them. But did you know that's not all lip gloss can do? This decorative cosmetics product has many other benefits that we are ready to reveal.

Plumping lip gloss

Lip gloss is the perfect choice for those who want to brighten, volumise and plump their lips without the need of a pencil or a heavy layer of colour. Unlike lipsticks, lip gloss doesn't take away the natural and fresh feel, but makes you feel dressed up, making it ideal for all occasions - everyday, work and even for a party.

The plumping lip gloss gives a particularly bright additional volume and allows you to enjoy the bigger lips that many girls desire. A perfect example is the silky smooth Lumene Luminous Shine Hydrating & Plumping Lip Gloss which allows you to use the full potential of plumping. Filled with ingredients that soften the lips and give them a moisturizing effect, this cosmetic is the first choice for those looking to enjoy larger lips than usual. Reviews show that customers are very satisfied!

Long-lasting lipsticks, glosses

If you don't like to carry makeup in your handbag, or maybe you avoid it because of the constant need to freshen up your colour to prevent it from fading, long-lasting lipsticks and glosses are a great choice. Long-lasting, humidity-resistant and supremely comfortable, they can change the way you think about lipstick in general. A long-lasting lip gloss and its glowing and plumping effect will stay on your skin all day long - it's no stranger to a glass of water, food or kisses, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

If you are fascinated by what this kind of product can do, pay attention to Isadora Explosive Shine Lip Gloss 3D. Isadora Lip Gloss glides on, moisturizes and nourishes lips for a luxurious, multi-dimensional, ultra-long-lasting shine.

Of course, you should also bear in mind that long-lasting make-up products are more difficult to remove - plain or micellar water won't be enough - you'll need a special waterproof make-up remover.

How to use lip gloss?

Lip gloss is an extremely attractive decorative cosmetic product for those who don't like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every morning. It is extremely easy to apply, and the wide, conveniently shaped brush allows you to reach even the furthest corners of the lips. The lip gloss can be used alone, giving the lips not only a shine, but also a color of your choice, or applied on top of an already applied layer of colour, thus highlighting it, adding subtle luxury and sparkle.