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Eyeshadow - which to choose according to your eye color?

Eye shadows are not only the highlight of evening make-up. They are also perfect for everyday use - from a morning meeting to a day at the office. All you need is to choose the color that suits you.

However, do you know that it is important to match the shadows not to the details of the outfit or image, but to the color of the eyes? Only the right colour of makeup can help you enhance your natural beauty instead of obscuring it, so it's time to roll up your sleeves!

The best eyeshadows by eye color

Owners of eyes of different colors, who find themselves in a cosmetics store, should also look at different colors of shadows. After all, the eyeshadow that is perfect for your mother, sister or friend will not necessarily look good on your lids! Decorative cosmetic products that match your eye color will guarantee the best result, because they will emphasize what you have best - innate unique features that no one else has.

Blue eyes

The most important goal for blue-eyes is not to overpower the freshness and brightness of the natural eye colour. Bright or dark colors are not suitable for blue eyes - they will hide the eyes and simply disappear. It is always better to choose soft, pastel, fresh colors that go perfectly with blue. For example, light pink, yellow, green colors, as well as dull pastels such as cream, beige, bronze, are perfect.

Green eyes

The rules for green eyes are the exact opposite of those for blue eyes. As the colour is naturally quite bright and often has a subtle, natural glow - darker, smoky eye make-up will add a luxurious and elegant frame to the eyes. Also, as green is an earthy colour, a matching colour palette can be chosen for everyday wear. Brown, grey, burgundy, mustard will complement your look.

Brown eyes

Owners of brown eyes are very lucky in their search journey, because almost everything goes with brown! However, in this situation, it is very important to delve into what color tone your eyes really are. Are they super dark, chocolate, or light brown? If you are happy with dark eyes, it is not worth looking at light colors - dark shadows, bright lines, smoky eye makeup will suit you perfectly. Meanwhile, if your eyes are light brown, you should rather choose earth colors, shiny shadow options can also be suitable.

Eyeshadow palette - the perfect choice

Eye makeup should not become a challenge every morning - you need to make this process as easy and pleasant as possible for yourself, so that you don't have to spend long hours in front of the mirror when you are in a hurry to work or important meetings. An eyeshadow palette can help with that, and you'll find everything you could possibly need. A set of colors of your choice, glitter, brushes - everything in one place. Reviews show that the best, professional eyeshadow palette doesn't have to be the most expensive. A great example is the NYX Professional Makeup Love You So Mochi palette.

How to use this make-up product? As eye shadows are loose, they should be applied last when doing your make-up. First, a base is created, creamy and liquid products such as moisturiser, powder, etc. are applied.