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Face and Body

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Well-being definitely affects our mood and even determines our relationships with other people, so it’s important to take full care of yourself. Body comfort is inseparable from well-being. You can now take proper care of your skin right in your own home. Professional face and body cosmetics provide deep hydration, nourishment and protection. Of course, the cleanliness of the skin should be taken care of first. Detergents supplemented with antioxidants, amino acids and probiotics will cleanse and open pores, removing excess sebum. If you often experience various skin problems (rash, acne, itching, dryness or a feeling of stretching) try cosmetics enriched with natural plant extracts. It will help reduce the discomfort experienced, revitalize the skin and give it elasticity. In turn, during the warm season, do not forget about sun protection and sunscreen. 

After sunbathing, the skin should be pampered with high-quality serum or oil. Intensive moisturizers will soften and soothe the skin and improve the penetration of your favourite cream, lotion and body butter, so you will notice the improving skin condition faster.