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Body lotions - what are their benefits?

Enough attention should be paid to skin maintenance not only for the face but also for the body. It is also exposed to the negative effects of the environment, suffering from dryness and stress from the sun or wind. A well-chosen body lotion is a must for everyone - it not only solves all these problems, but also gives the feeling and pleasure of a home spa treatment.

Who needs body lotion?

Body lotion - what is it? Many of us use day and night creams for the face, serums for under-eye area, creams for the heels and elbows, and occasionally, anti-cellulite creams for the thighs and upper arms, but we don't think about the fact that there's at least one other thing we need to take care of - our whole body and its skin. A moisturising body lotion has several key functions - it moisturises the skin, maintains or restores its elasticity and promotes the recovery of problem areas.

How to use body lotion? The product should be used when your skin still has some moisture in it, so ideally you should apply it to your body as soon as you get out of the shower. The body lotion is applied in a gentle, circular motion and left to absorb.

Skin hydration

One of the main benefits of body lotion is intensive skin hydration. Therefore, if you are dealing with dry, flaky skin, and you feel stretching or other unpleasant sensations after taking a shower every day, you should rely on this product. Body lotion, used on damp skin, easily softens and retains moisture.

Restoring or maintaining elasticity

Skin that has been exposed to dry, harsh climates loses its natural shine, hardens, becomes rough and unpleasant to touch. Either body butter or body lotion can help. Body butter is a much heavier, oil-enriched product and is more often used in winter when problems are worse. Body lotion, on the other hand, is perfect for summer - its light consistency makes it effortless to apply and it can be used by all skin types.

Restoration of problematic areas

We all experience pinched heels, rough elbows or areas behind the ears from time to time. If these areas are damaged or very dry, they turn red, the skin begins to crack, there is mild pain and swelling. Properly selected and at the right time, regularly used body lotion, and especially body cream with urea, can help to cope with these problems and restore optimal skin condition.

Body lotions for men, women, children

When the question of why you need a body lotion no longer arises, it remains to choose the one that suits you best. It's easy to do because this product is suitable for any skin type. Therefore, the body lotion for men, women and children will not differ significantly. All you must do is decide which way of applying the body lotion is most comfortable for you. It can be spread or sprayed.