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Lip Balm

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Lip balms – are not just for winter

Although we all pay a lot of attention to our facial skin and nurture it with various cleansers, creams, oils and serums and pamper it with masks, we often forget about our lips. They need just as much attention. Lip balm is an excellent product that ensures comprehensive care, but it should be remembered not only in winter when lips begin to crack and signal a critical condition. You should care for your lips with lip balm all year round, but how do you choose the one that suits you best?

Moisturising, healing lip balms

Lip balms are divided into three types according to their primary purpose: healing, moisturizing and UV protective.

Moisturizing lip balm is a daily lip care product that ensures a constant moisture balance, gently nourishes lips and effectively softens them. Moisturizing lip balm should be used all year round, without waiting for the skin to become chapped or irritated.

The healing lip balm is used after delaying the first signs of dryness when the skin has already reached the stage of dehydration and cannot be helped otherwise. The healing balm contains a lot of oils, so it intensively moisturizes the skin and restores its original condition. In addition to the lips, this product can also be used on other dehydrated skin on the body, such as the heels, elbows and toes.

The lip balm with an SPF filter, which protects against ultraviolet rays, also effectively protects against any other harsh external factors. This kind of balm is must-have in hot, windy weather.

Lip balms for men, women, children

How to choose a lip balm? The first thing to look at is its composition. Since it is a product that is applied to the lips, and in any case, some of it ends up in the mouth, it is important to choose a product with as natural composition as possible. An organic lip balm may be made from a combination of natural oils and enriched with various fragrant fruits, flowers or herbs.

Equally important is the packaging of the balm, which can be either tube or finger-applied (jars, pots or tins). Before buying a balm, consider which method of application is more convenient for you.

The men's and women's lip balms are mostly the same, but the children's lip balm will be formulated to meet the needs of particularly sensitive skin, using only the highest quality natural materials and oils that do not cause allergic reactions.