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Nail File

Nail files are the most widely used nail care tools. It can be used to create the desired shape or to smooth out loose and broken nail parts. As there are many different types of nail files, the way in which they are used also varies. We'll tell you about the different nail files and how to choose the nail file that suits you best.

What kind of nail files are there and how to choose one?

As already mentioned, there are different types of nail files.
● Metal nail files - are the cheapest option as they are only suitable for filing strong and healthy nails. As the nail file is quite large, this type of nail file can easily damage the surface of the nail (especially when the nail is weak), leading to nail splitting.
● Sapphire files - are made of a metal base and appear to have sand added to the surface. This type of file can be coarser or softer. Again, this type of file is for those with strong or artificial nails. With this type of file, you can shape your nails as you wish, but you should be very careful to file in only one direction to avoid damaging the nail.
● Glass files are the most popular choice. Glass files are also a durable option that can last a lifetime! However, it is very important that the glass files are made of quality materials, otherwise, you will have to file for a long time to get the desired shape. Well, if you choose a glass file from the professional nail care range, then you can enjoy a perfect nail shape that is really easy to achieve!
● Paper files - this type of file is considered to be the best because it is the safest option for nails. Although this type of file is known to wear out quite quickly, manufacturers of professional nail care cosmetics can offer more durable paper file solutions. Paper files are divided into grids. For example, the 100/180 nail file is for those with thicker nails: the 100 surface is designed to shape the nail more, while the 180 surface is designed for a gentle abrasion.
For babies, it is recommended to use only soft surface files!

What is the difference between nail files for natural nails and gel nails?

The nail polishing file makes it easy to shape your nails. However, if you have natural nails, you'll need to use one type of nail file, and if you have gel nails, you'll need another. For natural nails, paper files or block files are preferred. If it is a paper file, then it will have a different function at each end: with one end you can smooth the surface of the nail and with the other end you can polish and shape the nail. If you use a block-type nail buffer, you will be able to use it for more functions. For gel nails, the most common polishers are electric polishing files, which can remove even gel polish. Warning! When removing gel nail polish in this way, you must be extremely careful and gentle to avoid damaging the surface of the nail!

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