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Mascara - more than a style element

No woman's handbag is complete without a proper mascara. And with good reason. 

Nothing else adds more subtlety and elegance to a look than beautifully defined lashes and the deep, wide-open look they create.

How to choose the best mascara?

When choosing mascara, like any other decorative cosmetic, pay attention to your body. In this case, consider whether your eyes are sensitive to makeup. For sensitive eyes, you should look for special, non-irritating and non-allergenic products. Mascara for sensitive eyes can also be organic mascara - then it will contain only ingredients of natural origin, marked with ecological certificates.

The choice of mascara basically depends on the result you expect from it - thick and dense or long and sparse eyelashes can be provied by completely different mascaras, so you need to choose responsibly! It often happens that to achieve the desired effect, you must use a couple of tools - one mascara for the roots of the eyelashes, and the other for their tips. Here's some information on the different uses of mascara.

Thick, voluminous lashes

A round, twisted brush works best to achieve the result. The highlight is the ultra-dense bristles, which, when coated in colour, pull the lashes away from the roots and give them an incomparable volume. Thickening mascara contains ingredients that make eyelashes look naturally thicker and healthier. It is especially suitable for owners of thin, weak eyelashes! A great example is the Maybelline Volum' Express mascara, which guarantees an expressive eye effect with just one swipe.

Long, separated eyelashes

Eyelashes are lengthened and separated with a dense brush, preferably of the plastic comb type. It lengthens natural lashes, making them graceful and light, so your make-up looks subtle. This mascara is also special because it precisely separates each lash all the way to the top and prevents clumping. One of the most sought-after mascaras is Maybelline Sky High Lash Sensational Mascara with a special formula enriched with bamboo extract.

Curled, dense eyelashes

A curved brush with bristles of the same length perfectly curls the eyelashes. This mascara perfectly adapts to the curves of the eyes and eyelashes, so it curls even the smallest eyelashes at the edges of the eyes. It is worth paying attention to the IDUN Eir Curling curling and volumizing mascara, which covers eyelashes with colour very easily and without clumps.

Coloured mascara

Although black mascara is an eternal, timeless classic, suitable for any occasion, coloured mascara options are no less popular today. Blue, brown, red, mustard-coloured mascara now reigns at the top of fashion trends - they are chosen by the most famous stylists and celebrities. So why not give it a try for yourself? Discover different coloured mascaras, combine them with clothes, hair colour, style details. Unleash your creativity!