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False Eyelashes

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False eyelashes - not just for evening looks

Although false eyelashes are usually considered an integral part of an occasion look, they are just as good a choice for everyday wear. False lashes visually open and enlarge the eyes, creating an expressive and deep look. They can often save any make-up look too - subtle, carefully chosen lashes suit everyone.

Which is better – single use or reusable eyelashes?

False eyelashes are divided into several types – disposable (single use) and reusable. And these, in turn, are divided into individual single, flare and strip lashes according to the method of use.

If you use adhesive lashes a lot, disposable options wouldn't be the best choice - you'd be wasting too much time and money looking for a place to buy them. Also, the quality of disposable lashes is often inferior - they are made with cheaper materials, so the price is not in line with the value of the product. In contrast, reusable false lashes are not only a more cost-effective solution but also free you from the constant search for them.

However, whether you choose disposable or reusable lashes, the type of lash is just as important. We'll tell you a bit about each of them.

Strip Lashes

Strip Lashes are one of the most comfortable lashes to glue on. They're easy and simple to use, and what's more, there's a strip to suit everyone. All you need to do is adjust the length to suit your eye. This is done very simply, by cutting the strip slightly with scissors. The choice of strips is very wide. Eyelashes can be both natural-looking and very expressive and eye-catching.

Individual Flare Lashes

Individual Flare Lashes are used to enhance existing natural eyelashes and increase their volume. They are attached close to the growth line, in areas where you want to add glamour. The length of the lashes can be chosen and the amount is individually adjustable to suit your needs - the tufts can be combined or separated as desired.

Individual Single Lashes 

Individual Single Lashes are the most natural-looking of all. They don't feel artificial, they don't look like they are made of plastic. The aim of individual lashes is to add volume, length and density to your natural lashes, so it is advisable not to overdo it and to apply it only where you need the most.

Buy cheaper online!

To save on the purchase of false lashes, it is a good idea to look around in online stores. Buying online pays off, because e-shops offer great discounts, promotions and special offers and you will buy the desired product relatively cheaply. Also, the reviews will not allow you to make a mistake when choosing a specific product category.