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Face Mist

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Facial Mist - why is it worth having in your cosmetic bag?

Facial mist is a cosmetic product that many women are not yet familiar with, and the use of which raises many questions. But those who have been keeping a variety of face powders on their cosmetic table or in their handbag for a long time can confirm that it's hard to live without them, especially on hot summer days! So what is a facial mist, how do I choose one and how do I use it correctly?

What is it?

Facial mist is a spray that seems to coat your face with tiny, refreshing dew drops. It intensely moisturises your skin, restores its natural glow and protects it from dryness and environmental pollution! The mist is enriched with vitamins and minerals and provides the skin with the nutrients it needs. If you feel your face is stretching and feels irritated when you work on the computer or spend long periods of time in an air-conditioned room, don't hesitate to use facial mists - your skin will be instantly revitalised.

If you're not just looking to moisturise your skin, but also to protect it from the sun's harmful rays, for example, buy a mist with an SPF filter. They are particularly attractive due to their lightness, pleasant texture and invisible coverage. Unlike SPF creams, mists do not leave a greasy or sticky feeling, so they are ideal for people with an active lifestyle, athletes and children.
Face mist can also act as a makeup setting spray, giving the skin a soft, natural glow. During the summer heat, setting your makeup with a mist is much more pleasant than with loose powder, and the effect is different - the skin is extremely smooth and shiny, and the products underneath look perfectly covered.

How is facial mist used?

Facial mists are easy to use and can be used at any time of the day - before you leave the house, in the car, on a walk, in the office, in preparation for and during a party - so any time you feel your skin getting dry and a little tight. This is the reason why most women tend to carry face mist in their handbag and always have it with them.

How do I apply facial mist? All you need to do is point the bottle at your face and gently click the dispenser - light droplets of dew will gently envelop your face and you'll feel like a newborn!