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Hand creams, lotions - how to take care of your hands?

While we often only think about our hands, their care and skincare in winter, when they start to split and swell, careful hand care is essential all year round. After all, our hands are our most important helpers, and it is not only women but also men who want healthy and beautiful skin. What products should you use to care for your hands and how should you care for them properly to get the best results?

Repairing hand creams

Repairing hand cream is the first aid for severely dry, dehydrated and cracked hand skin. It effectively softens the skin and, thanks to its regenerating effect, promotes cell renewal and wound healing. The therapeutic properties also provide a protective layer that shields hands from adverse environmental factors that can further damage already problematic skin, such as harsh winds, changes in temperature, extreme cold, and a wide range of chemicals found at home. Healing hand cream with urea is one of the best choices.

How to use repairing creams for very dry skin? These treatments take time to work. They are very oily, so they won't absorb as quickly as regular moisturizers, and you won't be able to do other activities while the product is still on your hands. For this reason, a healing hand cream should be used when you go to bed - apply a generous amount of cream, wrap a towel or light gloves around your hands and let your skin absorb what you have applied. In the morning, you will definitely feel the difference.

Moisturizing lotions

Moisturizing hand creams and lotions are designed to maintain the optimal condition of the skin on your hands and should be used regularly, at least several times a day, and ideally every time you wash your hands. It is a product that is very easy and convenient to use, as it absorbs into the skin very quickly, leaving no greasy residue and allowing you to get on with what you had planned, whether it be working on the computer, talking on the phone, driving or cooking.

What should a moisturizing hand cream be? A good hand cream should stand out for its composition. When looking for the right product for you and reading labels, pay attention to whether it contains butter, oil, plant extracts, or whether the natural ingredients are overwhelmed by a bunch of fragrances and colours and all sorts of chemical substances. Ideally, an organic moisturizer for extremely dry skin will give you peace of mind that you won't need antiallergy remedies, as the wrong type of moisturizer can irritate even the healthiest of skins by causing allergic reactions.

Hand cream for men and women

Although women are better at looking after the skin on their hands, men should not neglect it. After all, hands of the stronger sex are also exposed to the heat of the air, temperature changes and other environmental stresses that affect the skin. All you need to do is choose a hand cream or lotion that works best for you, whether it's a mini-bottle in your car or handbag, a squeezable tube, or perhaps a cream with a dispenser. Try several options and choose the one that suits you best.