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Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes - which of them are a must have?

A set of makeup brushes should be at the centre of every woman's makeup table. After all, even the best makeup won't work if you don't have something to apply it evenly, comfortably and quickly. But for makeup newbies, choosing a brush can be a real challenge - the different sizes and shapes of the brushes mean that they have different purposes and uses, so it's easy to get confused. We've shared the most important information about makeup brushes to make the choice easier.

Makeup brush sets - great place to start

If you're not an expert in makeup, and your head spins quickly when you visit a specialized store, a professional set of makeup brushes can become a real lifesaver. You will find everything you might need in it - from small brushes for eyeliner and shadow, to large, soft, wide products suitable for applying loose powder or blush.

Make-up brushes and their purpose will be listed on the packaging, so you won't have to wonder which brush to use with which product, and if you lack knowledge or additional information, there are plenty of explanatory articles and videos available online by searching for the name of a brush. All this will not only help you to learn the subtleties of using these tools, but also teach you all sorts of tricks to make your everyday make-up routine easy and quick.
Professional make-up brushes, put together in one large set, are also attractive for their price. Compared to brushes bought separately, they are relatively cheap - you can save up to 30%.

What are makeup brushes for?

Make-up brushes - what are they for and how to use them? As discussed above, once you buy a set of make-up brushes, you don't have to worry about these aspects - all the information you need is on the product packaging. However, if you are going to buy them one at a time, there are a few important things to know.

First of all, make-up brushes can be used for eyes, face, eyebrows and lips according to their size, shape and thickness. Typically, the harder, thinner brushes are designed to apply liquid, heavy facial products such as lipstick or liquid powder. Meanwhile, soft, fluffy brushes will be used to apply loose products such as blush or eye shadow.

It is also important to know that natural hair makeup brushes wear out more quickly than artificial hair brushes and are a bit more difficult to maintain - cosmetic products that have soaked in don't wash out as easily. A natural brush is also less economical - excess make-up stays in the brush's hairs rather than running back into the container.