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Milk Shake

Milk_Shake is a professional haircare brand that offers a wide range of quality products designed to strengthen, restore and maintain the natural beauty of hair. They offer the benefits of milk and fruit for the well-being and healthy shine of the hair to meet the needs of the discerning consumer and beauty salon professionals.

This young, innovative and dynamic Italian company is recognised worldwide for its high-quality hair care products and by industry experts as "the most innovative emerging brand of recent years".

Milk Shake products are classified as professional, salon haircare products inspired by nature. Their philosophy is simple and clear: it's worth tapping into the magical power and beauty of nature to achieve gorgeous, healthy-looking hair for any occasion. That's why the hair products are made from a wonderful and highly valuable blend of professional ingredients, including milk proteins, which are an indispensable food for your hair.

Milk Shake offers a fantastic range of shampoos, conditioners, intensive haircare and styling products for different hair types that will perfectly incorporate and complement your daily hair care routine.

Milk Shake Product reviews

If you are a frequent visitor to a beauty salon, chances are that you have come into contact with these products at least once. The latter is accompanied by positive feedback from users who say: "Once you've tried Milk Shake, you'll never want anything else". And it's for a reason that this product has earned a reputation for professional care. Not only does it have a lovely appearance and delicious aroma, but it is also clean and effective. Milk Shake formulas use fast-absorbing, nutrient-packed ingredients that nourish hair from the inside out, delighting those who want maximum results in a short time. A brand that has earned the love and trust of customers around the world, it remains true to its principles and focuses on developing quality hair care products.

Shampoos, conditioners

Milk Shake range of shampoos and conditioners offers the best products for your hair type, with natural fruit extracts, milk proteins and other carefully selected ingredients. These gently wash, nourish and restore, leaving a luxurious fragrance. Shiny and healthy hair is every woman's dream, and it is important to use the right professional products to achieve it. Please note that shampoo and conditioner from the same line will complement each other and help to achieve the best result.

Hair Colour

Milk Shake Hair Colour is a non-washable conditioning cream mousse designed to tone hair and give it a uniform shade. A deep-action, non-rinse formula is enriched with milk proteins to repair the hair and emollients to provide long-lasting hydration, softness and manageability without weighing it down. The colour is easily removed by washing the hair.

Serums and gels

This range is characterised by its rapid nourishing and protective effect immediately after use. Each successive application consistently improves the hair's internal structure, adding shine and vitality. Containing natural ingredients such as honey, organic argan oil, Muru Muru butter and milk proteins, it restores the integrity of the hair. A favourite among customers with damaged hair is Integrity ampoules. For maximum effect, these ampoules could be used in combination with the Integrity restorative line.

Milk Shake Haircare Online!

Now you can use these professional hair cosmetic products at home every day! With just a few keystrokes, buy Milk Shake products at a friendly price at KlipShop online store. The wide range of choices allows owners of all hair types to enjoy flawless results just like after a treatment in a beauty salon!

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