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The founders of Reuzel - two barbers Leen and Bertus from the Netherlands, who fully reflect the spirit of rock 'n roll and boldly say that their mission is to create products that men trust. Reuzel represents tradition, quality and a distinctive attitude that remains even as the style changes.

As well as pomade, the range includes moustache wax, beard shampoohair cream and hair styling paste. Reveal your individuality with Reuzel.

Despite the fact that Reuzel's symbol is the piglet, these products are not tested on animals and the piglet was chosen because the first hair pomades were made from pig fat. The founders say it is a tribute to tradition.

Reuzel Hair and Beard Care Products

Treat your loved ones to the highest quality products from the Netherlands. The Reuzel range has everything you need for men's grooming. Browse for beard and moustache care products and discover hair shampoos and tonics.

The exclusive design packs contain products that are already a favourite among men - water-based, easy-to-rinse and hair-friendly hair pomades, oil and wax-based hair waxes with a strong hold, as well as moisturising shampoos and conditioners.

Reuzel's forte is beard care products. Did you know that you need to take care of your beard all the time to have a perfect and tidy beard? With Reuzel, it's easy: use the no-rinse beard moussebeard shampoo and beard smoothing serum, and enjoy the compliments from everyone.

Reuzel Customer Reviews

Men appreciate Reuzel products, and our customers especially loves the pomades and shampoos. The well-formulated products will pamper men's hair and help shape it, while the beard care products will make it easier and faster to manage the beard.

Reuzel's travel kits help you get to know their range better and find your favourite products. We offer a kit for hair or beard care.

Great prices online

Reuzel - exclusive men's grooming brand, is well worth the money, but if you want to get these products at a cheaper price - buy online. We offer a wide range of products that are sure to pamper you or the man you love.
We all know how frustrating it can be when your favourite shampoo or hair styling product runs out at the worst possible time. Reuzel products are economical to use, so they last a long time.

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