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There are indeed quite a few people who complain that their hair is thinning and slipping. It is physiologically natural for 20 to 100 hairs to fall out every day as the hair grows, ages and eventually falls out in order for new hair to start growing again after a while. However, stress, hormonal fluctuations, nutrient deficiencies, diet, intense computer work, poor skin microcirculation, chemicals, medications, and some diseases can cause sudden hair loss and baldness. However, using the right products can stop hair loss, promote hair growth and restore healthy scalp.

Bioxsine effectively reduces hair loss, strengthens active hair follicles, regulates capillary blood flow and provides hair with full nutrition, strengthens and revitalizes hair, gives it volume. Bioxsine products are made only from natural plant extracts and do not cause any side effects or allergies, do not contain dyes or fragrances. The products are non-sticky and easy to use.

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