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Founded in Sweden in 1983, IsaDora cosmetics have been fragrance-free, animal-free and clinically tested to the highest standards since day one. IsaDora believes that sustainable, quality beauty doesn't have to be a luxury only available to the chosen ones.

When IsaDora was still in its first steps, no one was offering unscented cosmetics with a wide range of shades, so the brand can be called a pioneer and a new wind. Now the company's aim is to empower everyone to enhance and reveal their natural beauty without compromising on the quality of the cosmetics.

Based in Malmö, Sweden, IsaDora ships its lip, face, eye and nail cosmetics to more than 40 countries worldwide.

IsaDora Cosmetic Products

IsaDora Cosmetics is committed to sustainability and the safety of its products. Fragrance-free formulas ensure minimal risk of allergies and are suitable for even the most sensitive people. The developers consider safe beauty, accessible to all, to be their most important mission, and are constantly improving the formulation of their products.
Whether it's powder, cream powder, lip gloss or eyeshadow, IsaDora has it all.

Makeup Brushes

For a flawless make-up look, you need to use quality make-up brushes. Extremely easy to use and a must-have in every woman's beauty kit, IsaDora make-up brushes are vegan and made from high-quality synthetic materials.

In order for makeup brushes and makeup sponges to last longer, it is necessary to wash them regularly. Buy make-up brush shampoo at an attractive price.


IsaDora mascara will emphasize your gaze and will not distract anyone from your eyes. IsaDora Mascara will enhance your look and keep your eyes from straying away. Quality, smudge-proof and with handy brushes, this mascara will please every woman. Play with mascara colours! The mascara dries quickly, so you can even apply several coats to create a more glamorous look. We offer waterproof, coloured or regular mascaras.

Eye Pencils

A blend of natural waxes ensures a rich eye pencil colour that doesn't run into wrinkles and doesn't smudge. Waterproof, natural and highly pigmented - these pencils last all day long. The gentle formula protects and nourishes the skin.

IsaDora eyeshadows enhance the beauty of your eyes. The long-lasting, vibrant colours add the perfect finishing touch to any make-up look, while the lightweight texture ensures that the shadows are very easy to use.

Nail Care

Nails also need attention. Strengthen or brighten them with IsaDora nail care products

IsaDora reviews, prices and sales online

IsaDora is all about Swedish minimalism and quality, so it's no wonder that thousands of women have already given it a positive review. Low prices, regular promotions and positive customer feedback are encouraging more and more girls and women to try the brand.

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