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Moti Co.

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Could an eco-friendly toothbrush save the planet? Even if not, big changes certainly start with the small steps. It was and still is an attitude of our client, who in order to make our planet at least a little bit better place, decided to make natural bamboo tooth-brushes. The client needed the name and logo of the brand as well as packaging.

So eventually MOTI Co. was born, brand based on simple, yet sincere promise – inspire positive everyday changes with an eco-friendly products. Naturally, we chose the colour palette and motives that directly communicates the values of the brand. Literally “down-to-earth” colours, natural, yet not boring tones, that goes well with the organic look of the product itself.

The packaging is enriched with the abstract plant motives, which in a way also reflect the classical elements of our planet – earth, air, water and sparks of fire.