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Ikoo Pocket Black Rose Metallic Hairbrush Black Cherry

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Sku: KS002469

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Ikoo brushes are captivating due to their accomplished design, paired with uncompromising functionality. All ikoo brushes are ideal for your daily hair styling in the morning and detangle hair knots without pain and effort. Your scalp is massaged gently thanks to the optimized bristle panel. Your energy meridians are gently stimulated by the daily wellness massage. While massaging your sculp with the ikoo bristle panel, your meridians "activation" and "relaxation" are stimulated. After every application you will feel more energized and well. The massage leads to a state of sustained relaxation which decrease the optical effect of wrinkles.


Product details

  • Brand:
  • Category:
  • What is it?
  • Whom?
    All hair types.
  • Effect:
    Provides a smooth and gentle hair detangling sensation.
  • Directions:
    Can be used to brush dry or wet hair. Start by brushing the ends and work your way up.

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